Local Organizing Committee

Local Organizing Committee

Co-Chair :

Loïc Lerouge, COMPTRASEC*,  CNRS* - University of Bordeaux

Researcher at CNRS, PhD from the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences, University of Nantes, France, holder of the "Habilitation to conduct researches" from the University of Bordeaux.

Member of the Centre for Comparative Labour and Social Security Law (COMPTRASEC), University of Bordeaux - French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS); Head of the “Workers and Persons Mental and Physical Health” axis from the research unit COMPTRASEC.

Contributor to the ILO Global database on occupational safety and health legislation (LEGOSH).

As researcher in the field of comparative legal approach of psychosocial risks factors and hazards at work, bullying and harassment at work, he as published many articles and edited books. He has also given national and international lecture and has lead several research programs. The aim of his research is to analyse legally how the law tackles issues related to mental health in the workplace through comparison and a dialogue with other disciplines.


Dr Marie-France Hirigoyen, psychiatre, Paris

MD, she studied medicine in Bordeaux and received her medical degree in Paris. She is currently psychiatrist and psychotherapist in Paris.

In 1998 she published "Le harcèlement moral, la violence perverse au quotidien” (Stalking the soul, Helen Marx books, New York), which lead to the creation of French law on harassment, now penalised in the labour code, the penal code and the code for public employees. 450 000 copies of this book were sold and it had been translated in 26 languages. Since then she published a number of articles and paper on the subject of harassment, and several books, recently: “Le harcèlement moral au travail. PUF, « Que sais-je ? »”, 2014 (Todo lo que debes saber sobre el acoso moral en el trabajo, Paidos, 2014) making an overview assessment of harassment within the workplace today, in France and also abroad.

Associated professor at University Paris-Descartes in the Department of Medical Ethic, Ethic of Organization, traumatic stress and victimology.

In addition to her work of psychiatrist, she works with organizations to help them to create bullying free environment. She speaks regularly at the European authorities (European Parliament, Council of Europe, European Commission) on the subject of moral and sexual harassment.

Member of the Therapist Special Interest Group (SIG) of the International Association of Workplace Bullying and Harassment




Dr Alexandre Charbonneau, COMPTRASEC*, CNRS* - University of Bordeaux

Dr Laurence Bergugnat, LACES,  University of Bordeaux

Dr Cindy Felio, ITG, Paris

Sandrine Laviolette, COMPTRASEC*,  CNRS* - University of Bordeaux



Jean-Paul Bergouignan (Work Psychologist, Consultant)

Nathalie Gréard (Psychologist, Occupational pathologies consultation centre of Bordeaux)

Christiane Kreitlow (Clinical Psychologist Psychotherapist, Paris)

Christelle Mazza (Lawyer, Paris)

Thierry Venin (Director of The Digital Agency of the Pyrénées-Atlantiques area, France)

Dr Catherine Verdun-Esquer (Head of the coccupational health department at Bordeaux Public Hospital, France)


Documentation: Julie Zambau, COMPTRASEC*,  CNRS* - University of Bordeaux, Pascale Chambaretaud, COMPTRASEC, CNRS- University of Bordeaux

Communication : Anne-Cécile Jouvin, COMPTRASEC,  CNRS* - University of Bordeaux

Secretariat: Héloïse Lamirault, COMPTRASEC*,  CNRS* - University of Bordeaux

Financial management: COMPTRASEC*,  CNRS* - University of Bordeaux; Annie Nadeau, Guillaume Moissonnié, CNRS*


COMPTRASEC = Centre for Comparative Labour and Social Security Law
CNRS = French National Centre for Scientific Research




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