June 5th, 2018 : Pre-Conference Special Interest Groups (SIGs) meetings and International PhD Seminar - Pôle Juridique et Judiciaire, 35 Place Pey Berland, Bordeaux
The SIGs Legal ; Organisational influences and bystanders ; Risk Management ; Therapists will start at 10h00.
TheInternational PhD Seminar will start at 9:00.

June 6th-8th, 2018 : 11th International Conference on Bullying and Harassment - Palais de Bourse, Bordeaux
Palais de la Bourse, 18 bis place de la Bourse

4 keynotes (plenary lectures), 3 symposia, 3 workshops, 146 oral presentations, from 46 different countries, 50 posters

Topics covered

1. Identifying and measuring

7. Coping

2. Risk factors

8. Health effects and rehabilitation

3. Prevention and intervention

9. Sexual harassment, gender issues and discrimination

4. Work environment

10. Cyber bullying and ICT

5. Legislation and compensation

11. Ethics

6. Role of social actors


Oral Presentations: 15 minutes talk, 5 minutes discussion

Posters: A0 max.,  Width 841mm x Height 1189 mm.
Hanging on June, 6th morning, during lunch and early afternoon ; Removal on June, 8th during lunch and early afternoon ; the posters will keep displayed during the 3 days and posters sessions are planned during each 30 minutes coffee-break (June, 6th afternoon; June 7th morning; June 7th afternoon; June 8th morning); The organisation will provide the fasteners.


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