11th International Conference on Workplace Bullying and Harassment

Bordeaux, 5-8 June 2018

Palais de la Bourse


The growing number of problems of bullying throughout the world is undoubtedly indicative of a profound transformation of work organization, but also of our society. Although we call it “harcèlement moral” in France and Belgium, “harcèlement psychologique” in Québec, “power harassment” in Japan, “mobbing” or “bullying” in other countries, nobody contests the reality of the phenomenon and its disastrous consequences on the health and the identity of the targets and on the organizations.

However it seems that there is currently a widening and a complexification of the concerns around the notion of bullying, opening the door to other issues of suffering or ill-being at work, which are grouped under the heading of 'psychosocial risks', and sometimes confused with harassment. This confusion has been accentuated in countries that have legally defined bullying, thus crystallizing the debate around it, until the introduction of the concept of “managerial harassment” in law, as it has been done in France, aimed at management methods implemented by a supervisor focused on an employee determined, by repeated acts with the purpose or effect of causing a deterioration in working conditions, that may affect his rights and dignity, alter his physical or mental health or jeopardize his professional future”.

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